Dragon Lady Holly

Dragon Lady Holly
Dragon Lady Holly is a pyramidal shaped evergreen holly with an upright growing habit.  When fully mature it can reach a height 10 to 15 feet tall and a spread of 6 to 8 feet. The leaves come out as a light green with a slight red tint on the new foliage and then turn a deep dark green color. Dragon Lady Holly is known for its abundant red clusters of bright red berries. They appear in fall and hang on the shrub all winter to add a nice contrast in color. But they will not produce berries if they don’t have a male companion plant. The small white flowers appear in summer but they are so small they are hard to see.

Dragon Lady Holly Landscape Use
In landscapes, Dragon Lady Holly can be used in many ways. The most common use is an accent plant at the corner of a house but can also be used as a small hedge or can be planted in an island bed with some smaller shrubs planted around it. When using it as a foundation shrub always make sure to keep it at least 4 to 5 feet away from any structure.

Dragon Lady Holly

Dragon Lady Holly





Rhododendrons perform best in regions with cool, moist summers. They bloom in late spring to early summer; flower colors include pink, red, violet, yellow, and white, depending on the species and variety. Size also varies considerably, from 1 or 2 feet to over 20 feet in height, so choose plants carefully to fit your garden situation.

Special Features of Rhododendrons
Attracts hummingbirds
Shade tolerant

Planting Instructions
Plant in spring or fall. Space plants 2 to 6 feet apart, depending on the expected mature size of the plant. Dig a hole only as deep as the root ball and 2 to 3 times as wide. If your soil is in very poor condition, amend the soil you’ve removed from the hole with a small amount of compost. Otherwise don’t amend it at all. Carefully remove the plant from the container and set it in the hole. Fill the hole half full with soil, then water it well to settle the soil and eliminate air pockets. Let the water drain, then fill the remainder of hole with soil and water thoroughly.

Barry's Nursery Rhododenrons

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Red Beauty™Holly

Abundant bright red berries combined with dense, dark green foliage! A wonderful shrub to frame an entrance or driveway. Excellent clipped or informal hedge; maintains a dense, upright, conical form with little or no pruning. For best berry display, plant a male pollenizer nearby.

Size: 5′ to 6′
Exposure: Sun to part shade
Hardy to: -20°F

One Of Barry"s Nursery Specialty Plants is this Red Beauty TM

One of Barry’s Nursery’s specialty plants is this Red Beauty™


Snow Fountains Trees

Another one of Barry’s Nursery’s specialties is our Snow Fountains trees.

As a weeping tree, Snow Fountains Cherry features cascading branches that dip all the way to the ground, giving it the appearance of a white fountain when covered with pure white flowers in early spring. This cultivar is known by several different names, including ‘Snofozam’ Weeping Cherry and ‘White Fountain’ Cherry.

This deciduous garden tree grows to 6’-12’ in height and 5’-12’ in width. It bears leaves arranged in an alternating fashion which are 3” long and 2” wide. During the summer the leaves are dark green, while in the fall they turn gold and orange before they are shed.  Bloom starts in late April and extends for three weeks. The flowers are small, white and five-petaled. Occasionally, small red, later turning to black, fruit form as the flowers fade. Fruit are not edible.  Butterflies and hummingbirds are attracted to the bloom.

Beautiful Weeping Cherry trees

Beautiful Snow fountains trees